Jon Ginoli’s story so far? Dreams do come true

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- Jon Ginoli’s story so far? Dreams do come true
- In Detroit Clubs the Music Scene Keeps on Rockin’
- Gaslight Anthem Explain Springsteen Comparisons
- Country star Merle Haggard stands tall
- “Punk Goes Pop 2″ Music review

Jon Ginoli’s story so far? Dreams do come true
San Francisco Chronicle
It wasn’t until Ginoli came to San Francisco in 1989 that he could envision an audience for his idea “because it seemed so preposterous. Ginoli’s timing was perfect according to Matt Wobensmith who founded the utpunk fanzine and record label in the early ’90s. “Pansy Division is super ballsy” said Wobensmith who released one of Pansy Division’s early singles “Bill & Ted’s Homosexual Adventure. “When I first met them I thought there’s no way in the world this is going to fly. Lots of people thought they were crazy. But the band (Ginoli bassist Chris Freeman and then-drummer Jay Paget) took advantage of the rebellious cultural climate to build a following.

In Detroit Clubs the Music Scene Keeps on Rockin’
New York Times
It is housed in the Majestic Theater Center a blocklong entertainment complex with a restaurant that emphasizes Middle Eastern specialties and a bowling alley that is nearly a century old. For followers of rock as well as folk fans the Stick is the center of the Detroit club universe. Chris Cervenak 18 recently saw the Black Lips a flower-punk band whose sound is described as “hippie meets punk” from.

Gaslight Anthem Explain Springsteen Comparisons
The punk thing I think is based more on our ethics than our sound these days. [2007's] Sink r Swim was definitely more of a punk rock record. f course the word has been rendered almost meaningless now in terms of music. Definitely punk music as what it was meant to be is no longer what it is. I actually think what we tried to do with The ’59 Sound by doing what we wanted to do and not trying to do something that other people wanted to hear was probably more punk rock than those people that write "punk rock" records these days. How displaced did you feel when suddenly you jumped up a level on this last record? Usually it’s tour and record tour and record and now there’s a lot of talk about a record.
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Country star Merle Haggard stands tall
San Francisco Chronicle
He has aged into a grizzled philosopher with guitar a spokesman for nothing but his own cranky point of view one of the last old masters still painting. At some point in his life Haggard made a decision to become an artist – to make music on his own terms to hell with the restrictive conventions of the country music world – and freed to follow his own muse has produced a series of deep rich mature recordings in his later years. His 2000 album for punk-rock label Anti- Records “If I Could nly Fly” is the kind of profound work only an older man could make. He returned to the music of his boyhood – with Frizell’s guitar player along for the ride – on “Roots” the next year. In 2004 he briefly renewed his lifelong association with Capitol Records to cut “Unforgettable” a fine set of pop standards done honky-tonk style that he’d learned working bars at the beginning of his career. “You played hillbilly you played ‘Stardust’ ” he says. “You played it for them or you didn’t have the f- job.

“Punk Goes Pop 2″ Music review
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substring(0 thispageresult. The newest in the series “Punk Goes Pop 2″ features 14 bands and 14 pop songs deemed worthy of covering. Some of the covers while good in their own ways don’t change the original much at all. Attack Attack’s “I Kissed A Girl”(Katy Perry) The Cab’s “Disturbia”(Rhianna) Chiodos’ “Flagpole Sitta”(Harvey Danger) There for Tomorrow’s “Ice Box”(marion) A Day To Remember’s “ver My Head(Cable Car)”(The Fray) and Silverstein’s “Apologize”(ne Republic) are all on the CD and are all amazing-even though not much was changed from the original versions. Unfortunately August Burns Red’s “?Baby ne More Time”(Britney Spears) was just brutally awful.

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